NLC Initiates Picketing of Turkish Airlines Amidst Staff Dismissal Crisis

Turkish Airlines suspends
Turkish Airlines

The Lagos State Council of Nigeria Labour Congress NLC pickets Turkish Airline.  Picketing on Turkish Airlines will commence in Lagos today due to alleged victimization. In 2020, Turkish Airlines dismissed union members, leading to today’s picketing by the NLC Lagos State Council.

According to the NLC, Turkish Airlines management terminated seven of eleven union members without benefits, causing significant concern among workers. The disciplinary committee utilized by Turkish Airlines was not aligned with the negotiated Conditions of Service, according to an NLC statement.

Chris Uyot, the Acting General Secretary for the NLC, signed the letter.

Furthermore, the union expresses concerns over plans to dismiss the remaining four members to facilitate the hiring of non-unionized staff or third-party agents. NLC pickets Turkish Airline

The NLC emphasized, “The management of Turkish Airlines has disregarded years of service by dismissing workers for exercising their constitutional right to unionize. Congress will not tolerate this.”

The directive mandates the Lagos State Council of NLC to picket Turkish Airlines until it reinstates all affected staff fully.

“Therefore, the Lagos State Council of NLC will commence picketing Turkish Airlines in Lagos starting Tuesday, 21st May 2024. Picketing will continue until all dismissed staff are fully restored without any losses.”

Additionally, the union urges the FCT Council to standby for potential escalation of the matter to Abuja airport.


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