Nigeria Immigration probes Passport Office misconduct
Acting Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service, Mrs. Carol Wura-Ola Adepoju

Nigeria Immigration Service’s Acting Comptroller General, Caroline Wuraola Adepoju, underscores collaboration’s vital role for security and economic benefits at the “One Impression” Inter-Agency Retreat by MMIA Command.

Adepoju emphasises the need for agencies to work together, balancing border security and positive public interaction.

She said,”Hostmanship is paramount despite the multifaceted nature of our jobs. We secure our borders, we fight insecurity but must make a positive impression on the people we serve all this without compromising national security.

At the One impression Inter-Agency retreat

Commending Comptroller Adeola Adeosun for MMIA’s success, she appreciates agency support, cautioning against negative rivalry.

Assistant Comptroller General Kehinde Sadiq anticipates collaborative forums creating opportunities, fostering partnerships, and facilitating seamless migration.

” It is strategically pertinent to note that this retreat aims to facilitate open dialogue, cooperation, and the sharing of valuable insights, knowledge, and experiences among all stakeholders. ” He said.

“I firmly believe that by harnessing our collective expertise, we can identify vulnerabilities, devise comprehensive strategies, and implement effective solutions to create a safe ambience for our airport.

Comptroller Adeosun highlights NIS’s mission to control access for security and shape a positive economic image, emphasising the ripple effect of first impressions on investors.

She said, “Our job is keeping out the bad and ushering in the good. If we do not control access, how safe are we? That is the security aspect.

“The economic aspect, we can make or mat the nation with our first impression. If investors come and have a harrowing experience at the gateway, it has a ripple effect.

Also speaking, Regional Manager South West, Sunday Ayodele said it was important to change value systems.

He asked officers of agencies to resist the urge to mendicant causing embarassment not just to his or her uniform but the country as a whole.

Fela Durotoye gave the keynote address at the programme.


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