Nigeria’s Export Potential: NahcoAviance’s Gupta Drives Strategic Shift

Nahcoaviance Management Team
Pix from left Prince Saheed Lasisi, GED-CBD; Indranil Gupta, GMD/CEO and Adeboye Emiloju, CFO, all of NAHCO Aviance PLC during a press briefing by the NAHCO GMD held at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos on Friday. Photo Lamidi Bamidele

Indranil Gupta, NahcoAviance’s GMD, actively advocates for exports to counter Nigeria’s excessive import reliance, exceeding 95%.

Expressing concern over this import-heavy trend, Gupta envisions reversing it by tapping into Nigeria’s agricultural prowess.

Referring to Nigeria as the continent’s breadbasket, Gupta highlights its fertile land and farming potential, emphasising the need for strategic marketing.

“Nigeria can be the continent’s breadbasket. Producers must recognize the rich potentials in both intercontinental and intracontinental trade. “ Gupta said.

Similarly, he identifies a crucial export hurdle – connecting farmers and middlemen to the right markets, emphasizing a vision for intracontinental trade.

Gupta, aligned with the board and management, prioritizes linking farmers and middlemen to markets, steering NAHCO toward export dominance.

“Our cargo is nearly 95% import-dependent, tying us to the country’s economic capabilities. Exporting earns dollars, providing foreign exchange, a more advantageous approach for the nation.” He said.

Moreover, Gupta reveals NahcoAviance’s plan to invest in cargo export, allocating a billion naira to this initiative, focusing on five major airports.

However, he pragmatically notes that Nahco is a business and will assess the pilot project in Lagos before expanding to other locations.

Prince Saheed Lasisi, head of Commercial & Business Development, highlights training in the UK to facilitate the acceptance of Nigerian produce.

Lasisi further emphasizes the importance of proper packaging, ensuring compliance with international standards and avoiding embargoes on Nigerian exports.



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