Nigeria Air: Minister Challenges Rationale Behind Creation of Foreign Flag Carrier

Nigeria Air
Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo SAN
  • Says no domestic airline will be designated Flag Carrier

Nigeria’s Aviation Minister asserts that Nigeria Air,  a foreign carrier created to bear the national flag wasn’t a a long-term beneficial deal.

Festus Keyamo disclosed superior offers from Arabs, Chinese, and Americans, questioning the previous administration’s choice.

In a televised interview, Keyamo stated that the EFCC is actively investigating the matter, adding a criminal dimension.

“ It was not a deal that was good for Nigeria in the long run. The whole composition and totality of that deal was merely Ethiopian Airline flying the Nigeria flag. So while we were being told it was a national carrier, it was not. It was a foreign carrier flying the Nigerian flag.

On the ongoing investigation he said, “Yes, EFCC is investigating the deal, people who don’t know should know. There is a criminal investigation ongoing, I don’t know those who are involved and those who are not but I have called for the report.

Flag Carrier Designation:

Keyamo also said he will not be designating a domestic airline as a flag carrier. His reason: he was not playing favourites and the government will establish a proper national carrier.

“No local airline will be designated a flag carrier. I am saying this as a matter of policy. We will establish a proper national carrier. People are talking to us. The Arabs are talking to us, the Chinese are talking to us; the US is talking to us. There were better deals on the table, why did we settle on this? Keyamo asked.


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