NCAA Implements 72-hour Deadline for PNCF Holders: Compliance or Consequences Await

-Suspends Three PCNF Violators

NCAA Workers’ Welfare
Captain Chris Najomo,Ag DG-CA

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority has implemented a 72-hour deadline for all PNCF license holders to submit required documentation. This deadline is currently in effect.

The regulator’s action aims to identify and address airlines misusing private licenses for commercial purposes. It also plans to enhance general aviation safety and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Acting Director General Captain Chris Najomo emphasized the importance of this initiative in maintaining aviation safety and enforcing regulations effectively.

Following the Minister’s order and subsequent warnings by the NCAA, the Authority deployed officials to monitor private jet activities at Nigerian airports. As a result, regulatory authorities found that three operators had violated aviation regulations.

“In line with our zero tolerance for violation of regulations, the Authority has suspended the PNCF of these operators. To enhance aviation sector integrity, I’ve directed a re-evaluation of all PNCF holders by April 19, 2024, for compliance assessment. All PNCF holders must submit relevant documents to the authority within the next 72 hours. There are concerns about PNCF holders engaging in hire and reward practices, denying the government its mandatory 5% Ticket/Cargo Sales charges.

PNCF licences strictly limit aircraft usage to private purposes, prohibiting the carriage of passengers, cargo, or mail for hire.

The CAA requires permit holders to submit necessary documents within 72 hours to ensure adherence to regulations.

Additionally, existing Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holders caught using PNCF-listed aircraft for commercial purposes will face significant penalties. The ADG clarified that commercial charters should exclusively utilise aircraft specified under AOC operations.

Regarding transitioning from PNCF to commercial charter, the ADG emphasized that AOC holders must apply to the NCAA for aircraft specification adjustments.



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