NCAA  Demands Airlines Align Schedules Amid Rising Flight Disruptions

NCAA suspends United Nigeria Airlines' wet leases
Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA)

Acting Director General Chris Najomo urges airlines to sync schedules with operational aircraft to curb delays. He also stresses airlines to consider sunset airports early to minimize cancellations due to closures.

This reaction came on the heels  of reports of incessant delays, disruptions, and schedule changes without adequate notice to passengers. Last year alone 53% of total flights operated locally were delayed and 1% cancelled.

He said, “Airlines must consider scheduling flights into sunset airports early in the day so as to minimize cancellations as a result of airport closure at sunset.

Capt. Najomo stressed that airlines must treat passengers with reduced mobility respectfully. Regulations mandate facilities and a special needs field on ticket portals.

“Airlines must handle persons with reduced mobility properly, with dignity and without discrimination as airlines are mandated to provide facilities for the movement of Persons with reduced mobility.  NCARs Part 19 states that airlines are required to provide on their ticket portal a mandatory field for special needs assistance and require their agents to actively ask customers during ticket purchase if they will require assistance” he reiterated. 

Mr. Michael Achimugu, Director Consumer Protection & Public Affairs,stresses the Minister’s focus on industry sanitization, and warns of sanctions for flight disruptions.

Concerns raised by some airlines included poor airport facilities, the single standby generator at the General Aviation Terminal in Lagos, frequent bird strikes, bush burning in Port Harcourt, congested boarding gates, amongst others. 

Reacting, FAAN through its Director of Airport Operations, Captain Abdulahi Mohmood says the agency is actively working to minimize bird strikes during grass cutting, addressing airport facilitation issues to ease passenger flow.

Mrs. Ifueko Abdulmalik highlights airline obligations per Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations 2023 Part 19 on delays, cancellations, and baggage issues.



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