Tuesday , 5 July 2022

NCAA confirms receipt of ASKY’s apology over Nigerians’ maltreatment

DIRECTOR General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Captain Musa Nuhu has said that he has received a letter from ASKY airline, apologizing for the treatment meted on Nigerians and promising such would never repeat itself.

Nuhu made this known in his office, stressing that the NCAA is in talks with the CAA of Togo and they are trying to sort it out.

Nuhu said,”The security agencies in Togo maltreated some of the Nigerian travellers who were stranded in that country, but before then, they alleged that the travellers entered the restricted areas at the airport.

“The airline as written us a letter, apologizing to us that it will not happen again. So, we are just following up for them to sort things out. We are trying to sort out things. I am still talking with the CAA of Togo. The DG is a good friend of mine. We just lodged in our complaints officially so that the record will be there, but the airline has apologized.
“Whatever it is, we will be able to resolve it amicably. Our apologies to the Nigerian passengers who were maltreated.” He said.

ASKY had on Sunday described events that led to the ill-treatment of some Lagos-bound Nigerian passengers and the airport security forces at the Lomé – Togo, International airport on Saturday 18 December 2021.

The airline in a statement said that for a few days, it had been trying to fix an IT system discrepancy problem that affected its Central Reservation System, which coordinates bookings on codeshare flights with its partner airlines and airport check in system.

This discrepancy, the airline said, affected some of its passengers with connection in Lomé airport going to Lagos from US operated flight Ethiopian Airline flight ET509, that their bookings were not found on the ASKY operated flight KP62 already fully booked from Lomé to Lagos on Saturday December 18th, 2021.

The statement read,”Some passengers became overwhelmed as their bookings were not found in the system, they blocked the security control area and transit area for other passengers and forced their way aggressively to the boarding gates.

“In this process they became physical with the agents and some police forces of the airport until additional support had to be called in for them to be restrained.

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