Mohammed Odunowo, Managing Director of Nigeria Airspace Management Agency, urges liberation from Treasury Single Account (TSA) constraints to boost functionality.

He emphasises NAMA’s self-sufficiency and voices concerns over the 40% revenue deduction, hindering major projects for operational efficiency. Odunowo asserts, “Eliminating this deduction is crucial for our thriving.”

Odunowo highlights financial strain, depicting a N500,000 per hour cost for running generators during flight extensions in Ilorin  while revealing challenges in cost recovery due to outdated charges.

“We have issues of debt. Let me paint a picture for an hour in Ilorin. The charge is N50000. They don’t have power and so we run on generators. That costs about N500,000 per hour given what it powers.”

Lawrence Pwajok, Director of Operations, advocates for airport concessioning to ensure better financial viability and equitable service charges among agencies.

Pwajok questions the differentiation in charges for private and state aerodromes, advocating for FAAN to pay for services provided for airports.

“Concession will help. We(NAMA) pay a service charge of 10% to NiMet from our revenue and for every training we do at NCAT we pay.”

“We can’t see why our sister agency FAAN cannot pay for services provided for airports.” He said.


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