NAMA Redesigns Communication Systems to Enhance Airspace Coverage


Managing Director, Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), Alhaji Farouk Umar, reveals that communication systems have been revamped with redundancies to eliminate blind spots across the nation’s airspace.

In an interview with Aviation Correspondents, Umar acknowledged that airlines had faced challenges communicating with air traffic controllers in Nigerian airspace due to outdated systems struggling to meet demand.

He attributed this issue to weakened communication infrastructure, worsened by increasing air traffic without adequate system upgrades.

Addressing these concerns, Umar emphasized the agency’s efforts to expand coverage by establishing additional stations to ensure seamless communication nationwide.

“We have completely redesigned our communication infrastructure to ensure comprehensive coverage, with redundancies in place. Even if one system fails, others overlap seamlessly to provide uninterrupted service,” Umar explained.

Regarding power supply challenges, Umar highlighted the nationwide issue of electricity shortages and the agency’s response through solar energy deployment to critical facilities.

“We have various sources of power. The primary one is the national grid, and we have the second one which is generators, and plants and the third one is solar. We deployed all these three because ICAO frowns at a situation where you have a blackout even for seconds. So, we make sure that we have an uninterrupted power supply. The funding is not there. We are approaching it systematically to make sure that communication is good. “

Despite advancements in the Nigerian airspace communication systems, Umar highlighted shortage of air traffic controllers, attributing it to historical manpower deficiencies.

“We acknowledge the shortage and are actively addressing it through strategic recruitment and training initiatives. However, training new controllers requires time due to the complex nature of the role,” Umar stated.

Efforts are underway to bridge this gap and enhance the agency’s operational capabilities.


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