WITH the recent commencement of the Passenger and Ramp handling of Ethiopia (ET) business in Kano, nahco aviance has now made a complete haul of ET’s passenger services and ramp handling in Nigeria.
The cut-over of the airline’s passenger handling and Ramp handling on June 18, 2017 in Kano now means that nahco aviance handles these segments of the ET business in all its destinations in Nigeria.
Before the latest addition, the foremost groundhandler had been in charge of the ET’s passenger and ramp services in Lagos, Abuja and Enugu.
The new development came just as nahco aviance signed a deal to handle Turkish Airline (TK) Freighter Service to Kano. The new service which is expected to commence July 4th would see the groundhandler increase its strong partnership with TK whose entire cocktail of businesses it handles in Nigeria.
Speaking on the new businesses, the Lagos Regional Manager of the Company, Mr. Biodun Oyebade on behalf of the Chief Operating Officer, said it is a welcome and comforting development. He stated, “The new business is a welcome development. I am very happy we now handle ET, the flagship African Airline in (04) locations it flies into in Nigeria and the 5th location also coming soon. ET operates average of 56 inbound passenger flights monthly into Lagos/Abuja & Kano (Lagos, Abuja and Kano), second only to Lufthansa Airline. This is a great feat that can only get better.”


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