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From left to right:Mrs. Olaitan Ashapa Company secretary NAHCO Freetrade Zone (NFZ), Mr. Norrison Quaker (SAN) External Solictor NAHCO flanking Group Managing Director of Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO), Mrs. Olatokunbo Fagbemi flanked by and MR. Ezekiel Olarinoye Chief Financial officer NFZ at the briefing setting the records straight on recent allegations leveled by a former employee

NAHCO says Yusuf spreading baseless allegations over undeserved N125, 900, 000 severance claims

NIGERIAN Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) plc has again described weighty allegations of gunrunning, drugs and money laundering by its former employee as a blackmail plot as stated in his letter from his attorney to the company over failed attempt to get one of its subsidiaries to pay him an undeserved N125,900,000 severance package.

This is just as the handling company has accused Managing Director NAHCO Free Trade Zone (NFZ) Mr. Baba Yusuf of resorting to several acts of blackmail, arm twisting and extortion by writing various petitions with baseless allegations rather than pursue his claims in court like he wrote in his letter to the NFZ.

Group Managing Director of NAHCO, Mrs Tokunbo Fagbemi who read the company’s position on the numerous allegations said the silence was not an admission to guilt; rather that it is guided by its solicitors not to discuss the details of the matter but will provide context, evidence of what is permitted by law.

According to Fagbemi, Mr. Yusuf through his lawyers had threatened reputational damage to the company by petitioning different investigative bodies since he has been unable to get what he claimed to deserve despite the matter being in a competent court of law.

On the allegations Yusuf leveled against NAHCO, the agency said,” It is pertinent to note that at no time or in any handover note did Mr. Baba Yusuf raise any of these allegations as issues of concern or requiring board or management attention.

“Upon his resignation, he granted an interview praising NFZ, NAHCO and the new boards of the organizations. Following this, he attempted and failed to force NFZ to pay him an undeserved severance package of N125,900,000 as his performance bonus for 7 months of non-performance as managing director of NFZ.

“He then through his lawyer, threatened reputational damage to NAHCO by petitioning  different investigative bodies to review his tenure and file an action in court for recovery of his perceived claim, warning that his action would materially damage the corporate reputation and operation of the NFZ.

The letter written to the Board of Directors NFZ on June 13, 2019 by solicitors to Mr. Yusuf, Tony Odiadi and Co and obtained by Nigerianflightdeck titled: Re: Mr. Baba Yusuf: Performance based Incentive Pay after stating its client’s claim in conclusion had read:

“Be informed therefore, that if after ten (10) days from the date of this letter, our client is not paid his entitlements as stated, we shall have no option left but to file necessary invitations to relevant investigative agencies on the tenure of our client with the facts at our disposal and commence legal action for the recovery of the said entitlement at the appropriate court of law.

However, instead of pursuing his claims in court he has resorted in the media campaign undermining the courts.

“Rather than pursue his claims in court like he wrote, he has resorted to several acts of blackmail, arm twisting and extortion by writing various petitions with baseless allegations to several agencies and arms of government.  These allegations have material implications for national security. We state categorically that we have nothing to hide, but we are not in the habit of paying for work not done or value not-derived.

The handling company also tied various attacks on broadcast media by Yusuf, despite a subsisting court case as part of a greater ploy to attempt a hostile takeover of the company by a faceless group.

She said,” We also have it on good authority that the fulcrum of the attacks by Mr. Baba Yusuf are all tied to an attempt for a hostile takeover of the operations of NAHCO and NFZ by a faceless group  using him as their front. We state this categorically because these attempts are all at variance with the praise of the strength with which NAHCO is going to greater heights.”

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