NAAPE to Protest Aero Contractors’ Failure to Settle Docked Workers after Seven Years

NAAPE set for showdown with Aero Contractors Management
  • Union Gives March End Ultimatum as Aero Schedule April 14 Meeting 

The National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers (NAAPE) warns of a potential confrontation with Aero Contractors’ management.

Workers have been awaiting redundancy payments for seven years since their dismissal from the airline.

NAAPE gave the airline up till the end of March to set the machinery in motion to make full payment of all redundancy.

In a strongly worded statement titled ‘Demand for Payment of Outstanding Redundancy Benefits of Our Members,’ NAAPE accuses Aero Contractors’ management of withholding rightful compensation.

The protest letter, directed at the airline’s management, highlights the anguish endured by affected workers over the prolonged delay.

“The Aero management had rendered many workers, including our members (pilots and engineers), redundant since 2017 and every conceivable effort to ensure that they get their due benefits have been frustrated by the management till date for no good reasons. Moreover so, when it was your management that sent them off after meritorious service to the Nigerian aviation sector.

NAAPE emphasizes the management’s alleged indifference towards the welfare of former employees despite promises and numerous appeals.

“By this letter, however, your management is hereby encouraged and given up till the end of March 2024 to set the machinery in motion to make full payment of all outstanding redundancy benefits to all beneficiaries.” The union demanded.

NAAPE Secretary General, Olayinka Abioye said,” Seven years ago, Aero Contractors declared some staff including pilots and engineers redundant and now down the line others have been paid but NAAPE who are owed less than N500million are yet to be paid.”

“The management under Captain Ado Sanusi is calling for a renegotiation of something that is already concluded, and our union is wondering why?

Comrade Abioye maintained the union’s stand on the ultimatum, stressing that Aero Management were not being entirely forthcoming despite NAAPE’s patience following multiple leadership changes by AMCON.

“Aero has responded our letter and there is a meeting between NAAPE and the airline management. This meeting is not for any renegotiation but to put in place mechanism for payment of outstanding redundancies.”


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