NAAE condemns NSIWC's manipulated COS, warns of impending industrial unrest in NAMA
NAAE President Engr Selzing Miri

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ational Association of Air Traffic Engineers (NAAE) has warned of an impending industrial unrest in the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency ( NAMA).

This is sequel to its rejection of the National Salaries, Income, and Wages Commission’s alleged manipulated Conditions Of Service for workers.

The NAAE President Engr Selzing Miri states that, “It fails to address our negotiated demands.”

Following an intense Executive meeting, NAAE expresses deep concern, with Miri emphasizing, “The released COS disappointingly overlooks our concerns as engineers in the agency.”

NAAE accuses NSIWC of a deliberate exclusion.

It stated, “The omission of reviewed professional allowances is an attempt to incite industrial unrest in the system.”

Engineers further argue that the intentional exclusion undermines their dedication.

They asserted, “It fails to acknowledge our immense contributions, responsibility, expertise, and associated risks.”

Highlighting a prolonged nine-year negotiation, NAAE expresses disappointment.

“NSIWC’s unfavorable document aims to dampen the morale of workers and disrupt the healthy working relationship within the agency.”

The association further criticized the salaries and wages commission.

“They deviated from the negotiated agreement with NAMA and the unions, altering the submitted document.”

In sum, NAAE condemned NSIWC’s persistent actions. “It consistently undermines the morale of our members and creates an unhealthy working relationship within the agency.”


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