Friday , 7 October 2022
Unions at the Access Gate after dislodging I-Cube West Africa earlier today

MMIA Access gate: I-Cube accuses FAAN of harassment, vandalization

INTEGRATED Intelligence Imaging West Africa (I-Cube West Africa) has decried what it described as vandalization of its property and harassment of its workers allegedly by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) Unions despite a subsisting Court order.

According to Solicitors of I-Cube West Africa Charles Abhoman who spoke in stead of his client, some FAAN staff came into the building on the 20th of February 2020 with equipment and vandalized the company’s power points supplying electricity to the cubicles as well as plumbing, rending the place without water too.

Head of Strategy, I-Cube, Mr. Tunji Olaosun who conducted Nigerianflightdeck round also explained that even when the company came in and tried to use a generating set toda, the unions stopped them vehemently, almost assaulting the staff after which they padlocked the junction box that supplies power via the electricity company or generating sets.

I-Cube’s counsel explained,”For the past two weeks we have been having issues with FAAN, by the way of explanation, I-Cube is a concessionaire to FAAN Toll Access Gate. Now the matter is before the Federal High Court Ikoyi Lagos, so there is an extent to which I am permitted to speak as a lawyer so it will not be prejudicial to whatever the court would say.

“But we are compelled to call the Press conference because of the incident of Yesterday, the 20th of February, 2020 where FAAN despite the pendency of this suit still resorted to self help, vandalized property of I-Cube.

“Now on the 13th of this month, my client got a letter from FAAN stating that they should re,move all their containers anmd properties within this vicinity pon or before the 14th of February, 2020, upon receipt of that letter we immediately did a letter to the author of that letter one Mrs. Shinaba. V.B who happens to be the Regional General Manager South West to FAAN.

“We did the letter to her, letting her know that ours is a society regulated by law and they do not have that right to take laws into their hands, we wrote her copied the Judge who is handling the matter, commissioner of police, Airport command, Joel Ololo esq, counsel to FAAN as well as the Director Legal services and the Managing Director of FAAN.

“And so on the 18 of February 2020, we brought this to the attention of the court that despite the pendency of this suit FAAN has chosen to go about the whole issue as if nothing was happening and after arguments by counsels present that day, the court ordered that parties should maintain status quo.

“As our laws stand once parties have submitted to the adjudicatory powers of the court they are expected to maintain the status quo, so we are surprised yesterday being 20th February 2020 despite the existence of a court order, they still came vandalized the property of our client in the bid that they want to take possession of the property here.

“It is very very unfortunate, a government whose mantra is supposed to be rule of law, encouraging foreign investors to come into the country and invest, yet you can;t keep to what the court has said, if an arm of government that is supposed to be the architect of the pursuit of rule of law decides on its own to go against the rule of law then one wonders why they will be expecting foreign investors to invest in Nigeria,” he said.

Meanwhile, as at publishing time, could not reach FAAN for a response

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