Saturday , 13 August 2022
Medview Airline's Boeing 737-800

Medview delivers passengers’ leftover Gatwick baggage, offers complimentary travel coupons

MEDVIEW Airline has delivered the left over baggage of the affected passengers at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja after said baggage was delayed at Gatwick with the airline offering compensation to the passengers in form of travel coupons for their next travel plans.

Medview Airline and passengers ordeal started on December 19, 2016 when Gatwick Airport closed the main runway for maintenance and asked the airline to use the shorter runway, and since the aircraft load was heavier than the shorter runway, the affected baggage were offloaded.

In a statement the airline said,” sadly enough, owners of these baggage travelled Lagos without their bags on board”.

“We explored all avenues to get the baggage home on time by contacting air cargo operators and courier companies, but the earliest date given to deliver the baggage was between December 29 and 30, citing customs bottlenecks”.

According to the statement, the airline determined to alleviate the suffering of the affected passengers secured a slot for a special flight last Saturday to airlift the baggage but was crestfallen when the aircraft on getting to London, Gatwick authorities said it had no capacity to screen the baggage because of holidays.

“Although the aircraft returned without the baggage and with monumental loss to us, our main concern has been the affected passengers.”

The statement said,” we feel the pains of all our valued passengers that have been affected by these late baggage arrivals. We regret  all the inconveniences, and sincerely apologize for all the troubles they went through”.

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