Med-View Airlines Boeing 747-412 TF-AMV

PASSENGERS of Medview Airline have decried the inability of the airline to fulfil its contract by airlifting them to London since Wednesday stranding at least 150 of them at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) and an undisclosed number from flying in from London. learnt from a source that the airline’s aircraft, a Boeing 747 developed a snag which put a kibosh on the airline’s plans to operate to the United Kingdom and since the airline’s 767 aircraft is still on ban by the European Union operations to London have been on hold.

Sequel to this, the airlines Lagos bound passengers from the United Kingdom are also on hold till the airline gets its aircraft on track.

The airline, it was gathered, have taken some of the passengers to a hotel while others left to their homes since not sure of when the issue will be resolved.

In a reaction by the airline, this hitch that has lasted days was due to operational reasons and that it will be resolved by 3pm on Monday.

Medview in a statement said It has reached out to the affected passengers and by 3 pm on Monday all the issues would have been resolved.

“We are deeply sorry for all the inconveniences suffered by the affected passengers and everything possible within Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in aviation is being done to airlift them”.

The airline said it will not abandon its obligations to passengers, saying that safety comes first in all its operations


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