INTERNATIONAL Air Transport Association (IATA) today announced that Medview Airline has obtained the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational safety Audit (IOSA) certification meaning the airline has passed through the stringent criteria to show its high level of compliance to safety

Making the announcement today was the Regional Manager, IATA, South West Africa, Mr Samson Fatokun at the airline’s headquarters in Lagos stating that Medview has fulfilled all the conditions and met all the requirements for it to be given IOSA certificate.

Managing Director, Medview Airline Alhaji Muneer Bankole receiving the IOSA Certification from Sampson Fatokun, IATA Regional Director West Africa
Managing Director, Medview Airline Alhaji Muneer Bankole receiving the IOSA Certification from Samson Fatokun, IATA Regional Director West Africa

Fatokun who explained the entire process said, “African states met in 2013 and pegged 2017 as deadline to get all member states airlines to be IOSA certified.  IATA rolled out a safety programme for airlines to ensure that African airlines get on the IOSA registry to take the airlines on a stringent process to help increase their safety.”

“Medview has successfully completed requirements to be on the IOSA registry, congratulations Medview for this important feat. It is good to be on the IOSA registry but it is more important to stay there. Every two years, the airline (Medview) goes through reevaluation, it is a continuous process.”

“We would like you to take full advantage of being on the IOSA registry, as it would be a comfort to your passengers to see that you are IOSA compliant, it also gives you an opportunity to be a member of IATA, this IOSA certification is the most critical component for IATA membership,” Fatokun said.

Fatokun also enjoined Medview to embark on the Enhanced IOSA (E-IOSA) said that with time Medview would get used to that process and it would help the airline improve further on its safety immensely.

“E-IOSA is a step above IOSA based on quality assurance with the quality assurance been done and reported on a daily basis by the airline and it makes us monitor the quality assurance of the airline on a daily basis through operations expanding the airlines coast and enabling them to be on their toes.”

While responding to the certification, the Managing Director of the airline, Alhaji Muneer Bankole said it has been a team work and that he dedicate the certification to the entire staff.

According to him, Etihad had discussions on  interline agreements but had asked if Medview had IOSA Certification,back then he explained that the airline was on the process but now it was all possible.

“ I am proud to say among all the airlines we are one of those most compliant to safety and after going through this process for the last two years I can tell you it wasn’t a child’s play, with a lot of external auditing, checking of books, I want to thank my workforce, I dedicate this to the entire workforce.”

“This certification we have received today, we will maintain it, it is a wonderful exercise that you (IATA) have given airline business to enable passengers have that comfort that they are safe. “

With this, Medview has joined the troubled Aero, Arik, Overland and Allied Air who are also IOSA certified.


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