Med-view Airline aircraft

MEDVIEW AIRLINE has today apologized to its passengers over inconveniences suffered following the disruption of its flight schedule on Thursday and early Friday.

In a statement by the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Michael Ajigbotosho,the airline said the disruption was as a result of a snag in the operating aircraft.

“We sincerely wish to offer our apology to passengers who were billed to fly with us on the Lagos-Abuja, Abuja-Yola, Abuja – Maiduguri routes for our inability to take them to their destinations as per the schedule”, the statement said

We have put in place relief measures with the use of charter flights this Friday and Saturday, by then the operating aircraft would have been back to service.

The statement emphasized that safety takes priority over any other consideration in all operations of the airline, and will never be compromised under any circumstance.


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