From left: Mrs. Nkechi Onyeso, CEO/MD, Pathfinders international, Capt. Fola Akinkuotu, former MD, NAMA, Joy Ogbebo, the convener; Mrs. Ikwo Ilo, GM Consumer Protection, representative of Dg, NCAA and Percivel Uwechue, Managing Partner, Uwechue, Aether Consulting

Director General Civil Aviation, Captain Musa Nuhu has decried the misrepresentation in the media both traditional and social, of aviation industry stressing that for growth the industry needed to be reported accurately.

Captain Nuhu made this known at the official launch of MamaJ Aviation TV held at the NIGAV Centre promising to partner the new medium to put the industry in the right perspective to outsiders and industry players alike.

The DG-CA represented at the event by GM Consumer Protection, Mrs. Ikwo Ilo said,” we are glad to have Mama J Tv because we have seen Aviation news from a different perspective. Like the last speaker said, you’d get the truth and not the mashed stories from people just trying to feel important and come up with stories.

“With this, we can avoid misrepresentation with a little bit of what they know and a lot of what they don’t know…” Ilo said.

During her welcome speech, founder of the new TV, Mrs. Joy Ogbebo, described the occasion as a groundbreaking one in the ever-evolving landscape of digital media.

She said, Mamaj Aviation Tv is a platform where topical issues and latest trends in the Aviation and Tourism industry would be discussed.

She said,”Here we educate, inform and also entertain you. We also highlight organisations and personalities who contribute to the operational success of these great industries. We shall be sharing compelling stories of people that will inspire you. Keeping you up to speed with the various career opportunities.

“Mamaj Tv will beam its light on the industry in a holistic manner. We are happy to tell our stories from within. On the timing and the why, she explained that there was no better time to curate contents and create a dedicated channel that will inform and properly educate the society about the industry in a holistic manner.

According to her, it has been observed that most media misrepresentations, conflict and issues between customers and service providers in the Aviation and Tourism industries are largely due to lack of knowledge and the right information.

She continued,”This is a gap we have identified. As Aviation professionals, with decades of experience in Aviation, we are determined to join other media stakeholders in the industry to change the narrative.


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