Keyamo’s directive to improve transparency in aviation delays


Aviation and Aerospace Minister Festus Keyamo directs the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to publish weekly delays and cancellations with reasons.

Keyamo gives CAA a two-week deadline, emphasising the importance of providing this data for public awareness.

Transparency for Passenger Understanding

Keyamo explains that the weekly publication aims to help passengers understand the causes of delays, ensuring a fair assessment of accountability.

He urges CAA to separate delays caused by airlines, weather, and other external factors to avoid unjust blame on airlines.

Detailed Publication and Oversight

Charging CAA to carry out a detailed publication of delays, Keyamo insists on transparency. He wants reasons specified, such as weather-related delays, and emphasizes that the public deserves to know.

The process will be supervised by Keyamo’s Permanent Secretary, with a report expected by the end of the week.
Response from DGCA, Captain Musa Nuhu

DGCA Captain Musa Nuhu acknowledges Keyamo’s directive, assuring that daily information is available. However, he requests time for the ongoing process of making this information public.

Nuhu emphasises the need for a meeting and detailed discussion with stakeholders despite the information already provided.



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