Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo SAN

Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo SAN says he understands the chequered history of the aviation industry and aims to avoid the minefields of past Ministers.

He also said that the Government’s plan is to optimise revenue and not generate revenue by adding extra burden on airlines as misconstrued.

Keyamo said these known in a goodwill address at a webinar organised by Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL).

The theme is: Repositioning the Aviation Sector in Nigeria for Revenue Generation and Growth: Role of Legislation .

Speaking on his experience as public prosecutor of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) he claimed privy to some deals in the aviation industry.

He said,”We heard about all the underhand dealings in the aviation industry. With us, we will try to stop all of that.

“Some of us before coming here have been prosecutors for the EFCC, I’ve been a prosecutor for the EFCC for decades before I was called up to public service.

“If you look back, most of the ministers who have been charged to court for one reason or the other, have been Aviation ministers.

“I don’t have to name them but most of the ministers in the past have been alleged to have abused their offices.

” That is how volatile this industry is. And I realise that so much and coming from my background, I understand exactly the minefields and how to avoid those minefield

Explains Revenue Optimisation:

Reacting to one of the speakers, he stated that his plan is to optimise the revenue generating capacity of the agencies and not focus on raising revenue for the Government.

He said, “If she read my KPI, she would realise I did not say raise revenue for the Government.  That is not the language I used. I used optimising and I used that language advisedly.

“Optimising the revenue generating capacity of the agencies, so that does not mean to raise revenue for the Government.

” For example, in Lagos FAAN in one of the airport gates make about N100m per month, however the capacity is to generate N240m per month.

” When those barricades open they count them so the average is about N240m but why are they doing N100m?

” I am told dignitaries,VIPs, the military are given free stickers and are not paying and I am saying even me at some point should pay.

” That is what it means, that we should optimise revenue generating capacity for the agencies, it doesn’t mean raising revenue for the Government.

“But at some point you optimise revenue for yourself first.” Keyamo explained.

Keyamo further stressed that due to evolving market dynamics and global uncertainties, the aviation sector needs repositioning  for sustainable growth.

He said achieving the agenda requires vision, resilience, finances, and collaboration, and called on the private sector to deepen their ties with government for industry growth.

” As a government, we are committed to initiatives and policy inputs that will stimulate investment across the aviation value chain.”



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