Keyamo advocates private sector-driven aviation for FDI attraction

KKeyamo advocates private sector-driven aviation for FDI

Festus Keyamo emphasizes private sector growth and compliant policies, highlighting aviation’s crucial role in Nigeria’s development.

Keyamo, during the Aviation Management retreat in Warri states, “Growth should be private sector driven to attract foreign investment.”

He urges, “As policymakers, ensure policies comply with ICAO standards for a robust aviation sector.”

Keyamo addresses Nigeria’s performance in the 2023 ICAO audit, emphasizing safety and security in aviation. “Enforce proper monitoring for standards.”

Expecting vibrant engagement, Keyamo aligns with President Tinubu’s goal to make Nigerian Aviation a global hub.

The Minister expects departments to translate his agenda into actionable programs. “Analyse through brainstorming, deliberation, and SWOT analysis for success.”

Chairman Buhari Abdulatif proposes improvements to attract investors, emphasising infrastructure upgrades, cost reduction. His counterpart in the House, Abdulahi Garba highlights legislative support


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