Participants at the technical session of day one of the 3rd Drone Technology Conference and Exhibition holding at the NIGAV Expo Centre, Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Unmanned Aerial Services ( UAS), Lynette Shalwa has said that all Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( UAVs) otherwise known as drones in Kenya despite weight and sizes are registered as the technology is new and its possibility for positive and negative infinite.

Shalwa who spoke in a panel discussion on Day One of the 3rd Dronetecx Conference and Exhibition said the reason for registration was not unconnected to the fact thay drones no matter the size or weight can carry cameras thereby becoming perfect spy tools and compromising privacy.

She gave insights on best practices and KCAA’s Support for the Drone Industry in Kenya where she explained that all operators with drones must register as it has been promulgated in 2020.

According to her, it was also pertinent to register those who started owning drones as early as 2015 before registration was promulgated.

Shalwa stated it was a challenge for any and every CAA not to be able to monitor what flies in its general or controlled airspace.

She said, registration and ability to track and monitor drones on the airspace was key as the air navigation service provider or CAA ( Both together in Kenya) would need to have a line of communication to the drone and/or pilot who may be 100km away unable to track what’s happening real-time around where they fly.

She said the KCAA was developing an unmanned aircraft Traffic Management System to be incorporated its manned air traffic management system to also aid regulation of this trend as the technology is developing fast.

Convener of the Dronetecx Conference and Exhibition, Mr. Fortune Idu said Remotely Piloted Aircraft Service ( RPAS) is the technology of the future with all its advantages despite negatives put out there stressing that Nigeria as a country should not be kept behind due to regulation while the world is moving forward.

Mr. Idu in his opening remark said drones are useful tools and should Nigeria not be playing catch-up in the next 10 years, it needs to open up to the emerging technology.

The event which started on the 10th May, 2023 holds till 12th.


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