Interpol, NIS unite against transborder crime

Interpol and NIS Forge Partnership Against Transborder Crime
Ag CGIS Caroline Wuraola Adepoju playing host to Interpol President, Major General Dr Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi at the Service Headquarters in Abuja,

In efforts to combat transborder crime, Nigeria Immigration Service strengthens ties with Interpol. At the Service Headquarters in Abuja, Ag CGIS Caroline Adepoju and Interpol President, Major General Ahmed Al Raisi, discussed collaboration.

During Raisi’s Nigeria visit, discussions focused on border security to prevent illegal movements. Adepoju and Raisi exchanged insights and ideas for mutual benefit. AIG Garba Umar, Interpol Vice President for Africa, joined the discussions.

Insiders suggest discussions included intelligence sharing on potential threats, criminal networks, and cross-border crimes. The entities aim to combat global human trafficking, addressing this pressing issue.


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