Industry players commend Farouk‘s appointment, set target for new NAMA MD


Aviation players praise Umar Farouk’s appointment, set ambitious goals for the new NAMA MD, and emphasize his insider advantage and expertise.

Surviving a recent industry-wide shakeup, the former Director of Engineering Electrical and Electronic Services, brings a wealth of experience.

Stakeholders task him with elevating Air Navigation Services Providers. He must navigate potential pitfalls, leveraging his experience to ensure success.

Olumide Ohunayo, Secretary of ASRTI, urges collaboration with the minister to address the technical to non-technical personnel imbalance.

Correcting this imbalance, he maintains, is crucial for NAMA’s resolving internal conflicts among professional associations within the agency.

To enhance NAMA’s efficiency, scrutiny of subvention withdrawal due to obsolete equipment is essential. This needs the minister’s immediate attention.

Comrade Olayinka Aboiye advises Farouk to avoid sycophants and tackle challenges, particularly communication infrastructure and equipment obsolescence.

Aboiye urged him to address customer complaints about service challenges stemming from obsolete or erratic communication equipment.

He points out the shortage of manpower in Aeronautical Communications and Air Traffic Control, urging the new MD to holistically investigate staff welfare.

Aboiye expresses concern about staff collapsing and dying due to the lack of necessary First Aid facilities, highlighting overwork, stress, and inadequate remuneration.



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