Wednesday , 6 July 2022
Med-view Airline aircraft

Inability of Gatwick to screen baggage hampers return of passengers excess luggage

MEDVIEW Airline has attributed its inability to return baggage of its passengers to the inability of Gatwick Airport Authorities to screen the baggage after the airline had deployed another flight to return the baggage.

Passengers had arrived Nigeria from Gatwick London and due to excess baggage by some the airline could not return the extra luggage and the Gatwick Authorities had to screen the baggage again before the airline airlifted them unfortunately, the authority did not have the capacity to complete on time.

As customary , some Nigerians travel for a lot of shopping  thus having a lot of baggage, and all the baggage could not go on one flight for aircraft balance and passengers’ safety and so  Medview in a bid to create balance of passengers and  baggage for the aircraft safe flight had to deploy another aircraft to fly the excess baggage.

The airline’s special flight dispatched to London on Saturday to airlift  left over baggage however returned  without the affected baggage following the inability of Gatwick Airport authorities to screen them.

In a statement, the airline expressed regret over the development, saying the Gatwick Airport had on arrival of the aircraft said it had no capacity to screen the baggage as only a handful of its workforce was on duty because of holiday.

The airline regretted the inconveniences caused the affected passengers whose left over baggage are still in London by this unhealthy development.

“We thought by Sunday we would have resolved the left over baggage issue if not for Gatwick Airport authorities, the airline Chief Operating Officer (COO/AM) Engineer Lookman Animashaun said.

Animashaun said another flight will leave for London tomorrow (Monday)to bring back home the left over baggage, and appealed to the affected passengers for their understanding

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