Governor Umo Bassey Eno

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]bom Air’s mid-day flight, QI0202 from Uyo to Abuja departed on schedule from the Victor Attah International Airport in Uyo with His Excellency Pastor Umo Bassey Eno, the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom state.

Governor Eno boarded an Ibom Air flight for the first time since assuming office, underscoring his unwavering dedication and determination to lead by example.

The Governor arrived at the airport well before the departure time, meticulously ensuring that his presence did not disrupt the carefully planned schedule, despite the inherent challenges posed by security protocols and other governmental obligations.

 The governor’s actions echoed his dedication to ensuring smooth operations for the people.



  1. This is highly commendable. May God give him the grace to continue with this mind and match words with actions in the service of his people, and also surround him with people who will support these efforts.


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