Wednesday , 17 August 2022
Ibom Air's Airbus A220

Ibom Air explains passengers’ disembarkation at cargo Apron


MANAGEMENT of Ibom Air today gave reasons why it’s Airbus A220 flight QI 0307 from Abuja to Lagos disembarked it’s passengers at the Cargo Apron of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos.

According to the airline, the crew had discovered one of its aircraft indicators went off after landing and instead of taxiing the full distance opted to tarry the flight at the cargo Apron in and disembark it’s 128 passengers

General Manager, Marketing and Communication, Aniekan Essienette illuminating the situation said,”We would like to bring to your attention the reason behind the disembarkation of our passengers at the Cargo Apron of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos.

“Ibom Air flight QI 0307 the 10.30 am flight from Abuja to Lagos departed on time and landed normally at the international runway in Lagos, on schedule at 11.41 am.

“Upon taxiing off the runway, the pilots noticed an indication from the main wheels, suggesting a malfunction.

“In accordance with company procedure, rather than taxi the full distance to the domestic terminal, the crew opted to turn off into the international cargo apron from where stairs and buses were positioned to disembark the passengers and take them to the domestic arrival hall.

“All 128 passengers on board were safely disembarked and transported to the arrival hall at MMA2, while our Engineers work on the fault.

“This statement is given to clear any ambiguity while expressing our regrets to our passengers for the inconvenience.


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