[dropcap]N[/dropcap]o fewer than eighty (80) candidates from sixteen (16) local government councils under the advisory of the Kwara State Government will vie for thirty-two(32) slots at the International Aviation College (IAC) in Ilorin, Kwara State to train as flight dispatchers

The  students would  be writing qualifying examinations for the flight dispatcher course today Monday.

Flight dispatch  a critical role in flight operations and accord to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO): a flight operations officer/flight dispatcher is a person designated by the operator to engage in the control and supervision of flight operations, whether licensed or not, suitably qualified in accordance with Annex 1, who supports, briefs and/or assists the pilot-in-command in the safe conduct of the flight.

About three months ago, following a meeting presided over by the Deputy Governor, Kayode Alabi, the 16 council chairmen nominated five candidates each for sponsorship for the six-month flight dispatcher course.  

It would be recalled that the 16 local councils at the inception of the college in 2011 used to sponsor candidates for various courses like the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine, Private Pilot Licence (PPL), among others.

However, the sponsorship abruptly ended something the current state government is about to restart and attract other students from neighbouring states and counties to boost the college’s population and boost manpower in the aviation sector.

A source who spoke on the revamped sponsorship program said, “Out of the five nominated, we are going to select two each from each of the 16 local governments for the flight dispatch programme and it will be fully sponsored by the local governments. This will boost activities at the college.

“This is just for a start, I am sure when the finances of the local government improve, they can begin to sponsor more students for standard pilot license programmes.”

The Registrar of the College, Mr. Mohammed Jibril confirmed that the candidates would write the examination on Monday (today).


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