Former AON Official Warns Against Undermining NCAA Autonomy


Alhaji Mohammed Tukur, former Deputy Secretary General of Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON), cautioned against weakening Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority’s (NCAA) autonomy. NCAA autonomy warning.

In a statement, Tukur criticized Minister of Aviation Festus Keyamo’s move to ground DANA’s fleet, calling it a usurpation of NCAA’s powers. We

Tukur likened Keyamo’s action to setbacks in civil aviationinterfecivil aviation during past administrations, emphasizing the need to avoid repeating history.

“The action of the Minister is like putting our civil aviation on a reverse to the era between the late eighties and the early time of the present democratic dispensation when President Obasanjo for no just course ordered the grounding of the entire Chanchangi fleet over Bellview crash.”

He stressed the importance of repealing this trend to prevent the NCAA from becoming subordinate to the Ministry of Aviation.

Tukur lamented the grounding of DANA, which had recently passed NCAA’s economic and safety audits.

He found it contradictory for Keyamo to complain about high operational costs while imposing such measures on Dana.

“It’s ironic for Keyamo who recently complained of high insurance rates and leasing costs faced by the Nigerian operators to come up with such hammer on DANA which gives an impression that our CAA lacks independence and oversight capability”.

Tukur urged patience for the investigators’ full report while advocating grounding only the specific aircraft involved until the investigation was complete. The NCAA autonomy warning comes amidst cries of interference.


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