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As part of plans to garner momentum for the prestigious First Africa Solo Flight round the World, the team has come out to state that the flight will change the narrative for Africa as a continent and Nigeria in particular, inspire the young to aspire for greater heights and support selected charities especially the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) scattered around the country.

In a press conference held at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal 2 (MMA2), the team consisting the Pilot, Mr Ademilola Odujinrin, Project Director, Ladi Ani-Mumuney and Project Manager, Marketing and Public Relations, Ireti Bakare Yusuf all established that their aim was to once again put Nigeria in the map for all the right reasons.

The flight, which is the by the first African so far in 114 successes, is also going to be by a Nigerian which according to the team, will be made possible amidst countries like Ethiopia and South Africa.

Pilot, Mr Ademilola Odujinrin who was on ground to respond to questions, described the forthcoming first Africa Solo flight round the world flight as a dream which the team have been working assiduously to achieve emphasizing that one of the essence of the flight is to change Africa narrative.

Capt. Odujinrin, said, “It is a dream that we have been working very hard to achieve. No African has done it before. It is a big achievement.”

He disclosed that the  aircraft in use, the  SR22 aircraft with registration number N313CD is nine years old, adding that it has been refitted and upgraded to fly seventeen and half hours with special configuration before refuelling from its original 4 hour flight time.

The pilot, who has said he had been flying in past 17 years, added that he was trained in the United Kingdom and that he flew for Arik Air for five years, with a combined time of over 4000 hours.

On whether he has been insured for the flight, Odujinrin stated the project was insured with a company that specialises in this type insurance.

Speaking on what he would do when he arrives any of the destinations, he stated that a register would be provided for him to sign as a sign that he was there.

The former Arik Air pilot, who stated that the journey would start from and end in  Nigeria,  said he would fly through  Cameroun, Kenya, Djibouti, UAE, India and Singapore, Australia as well as some islands  among others, and that the exercise will last for six weeks.

The team however confessed that one of the major challenges they are facing in this venture is having is lack of sponsors, due most in part to disbelieve by the corporate world on the veracity and feasibility of the deed.

Odujinrin, who stated that the aircraft has passed through all the checks and gotten all the approvals, said that countries are already aware of this feat.

The pilot hinted that he would be going for both physical and mental training for five weeks as part of preparation for the solo flight to condition his body and mind to the rigours of the task ahead.

The One Man One Plane One World is a project powered by the relentless motivation, determination and fearlessness of a group of private sector professionals, whose passion is fueled by vision and ambition.

The first initiative of the transcend project kicks off in April 2016 with the first ever solo round the world flight by an African originating and terminating in Nigeria, Africa.

Also speaking ,the Project Manager, Marketing and Public Relations, Ireti Bakare Yusuf , said that while the pilot would be away for physical and mental training, the rest of the team would be making other necessary arrangements to herald the august flight.

On what one of the supporting companies; Transcend does, she informed that the company creates extra ordinary initiatives to take Nigeria to a greater height.

She stated that the solo flight was proudly Nigeria project.

She said, “this project is bigger than me. It is time Nigeria has to celebrate after the elections and this is the time”


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