Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika inside King Air 350i calibration airplane

FEDERAL Government through the Ministry of Aviation, yesterday confirmed receipt of a $8.5 million King Air 350i calibration airplane in government’s quest to ensure workability of navigational aids and boost aviation safety and stem the $500, 000 bi-annual capital flight.

Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika on Thursday evening tweeted through his official handle @hadisirika: “Just received new calibration aircraft for the country. Make is King Air 350i. Cost $8.5M. The agony of contracting it to South Africa or Niger at about $500,000 every six months is over.

“Our airspace is safer. Thanks Mr. President, we started and finished during your regime”.

Nigeria used to have a calibration aircraft which was starved of routine maintenance and as such became unserviceable causing the country to outsource the mandatory task to offshore firms like ASECNA at exorbitant rates.

A calibration aircraft is used to inspect navigational or communication equipment like the Instrument Landing System (ILS), Very-high Omni-directional radio Range (VOR) and others to ensure they work accurately and precisely.



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