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FEDERAL Executive Council (FEC) today has given approval for remedial work on power as the first step to correct the deficiencies of the new Abuja Airport Terminal funded by the Chinese EXIM Bank with Nigeria counter-funding .

The terminal, one of the four, which is part of the US$500 million dollars loan from Chinese EXIM bank and 100 million dollars counterpart funding from Nigerian government is said  to have a foundational issue which had altered the master plan of the airport.

Minister of State for Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, had said last week that the completion of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, is dependent on correcting certain problems including works on power and water supply as well as its blocking the control and fire towers.

He hinted that there may be some relocation of some structures to ensure that the terminal functions at optimum and does not hinder safety or security for that matter.

A tweet from the Govt of Nigeria @AsoRock revealed, ” The new Abuja Airport Terminal, inherited by this administration suffered defected design and construction, affecting Power supply, water, Sewer systems, the Apron etc. Remedial work is now ongoing. Today’s FEC approval for power is the first step in the remedial work.#FECBrief,” the tweet read.

Recall, Sirika had inspected the terminal building last week and explained that the planning of the terminal did not take into consideration additional works, power and water supply stating that there is insufficient capacity of the existing power and water supply in the airport to cater for the new building.

And also that after erecting the terminal, it was also discovered that the building would block both the control and fire towers which would require relocation of towers.

He said that additional work was also required to link it with the existing terminal as well as expanding the apron to accommodate bigger air planes.

These challenges, he said, would result to requiring additional funding.

Sirika also stated that quality of work is acceptable but the pace of work is not acceptable because this project should have been delivered by now.

“The contractor has told us some of the challenges he has been facing regarding some of the components of work and some additional works required for this project to be put into use.

“Unfortunately, some of these components are complex which would delay this job and some of them are from the foundation like that of the sewer and water.

“There is also the problem of the control tower blocking the access into the terminal apron and also the inadequate nature of the apron itself.


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