Thursday , 6 October 2022

FAAN urges more Nigerians to give feedback on services, donates items to orphanage

FEDERAL Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has urged airport users and the general public to continue using its feedback mechanisms to reach out to them in a bid to help the airport authority improve on its service delivery.

General Manager, Customer Service, FAAN, Mrs. Ebele Okoye said the feedback platforms which include questionnaires, front desk, its website, social media handles, telephone calls and the Ease of Doing Business are said to be very effective in effecting change in the airport authority.

Mrs Okoye in an interview with reporters during a visit to the Little Saints Orphanage Akowonjo in Lagos where FAAN made donations, said these platforms were put in place to assist the Agency improve and satisfy passengers and Airport users in their service delivery.

She urged passengers to ask questions and ask for information whenever they have any challenge at the airport, adding that officers have been deployed to strategic locations to assist passengers.

“At the airport you notice that we have front desk, it is a complain desk if you are at the airport you don’t know what to do quickly get to that place and you find out information, we are also locating signages at very strategic places and when you get into the airport you won’t be confused to make sure that passengers have the best of Service”.

According to her, the management of FAAN led by its Managing Director Captain Hamisu Yadudu was committed to ensuring that passengers get comfort, safety and security.

To this end, the GM Customer Service said sniffer dogs have been deployed to airports including well trained personnel for security purposes.

She noted that the dogs would help to reduce the stress of the personnel in checking passengers’ luggage and other users.

“Recently with this new management led by Captain Hamisu Yadudu a lot of things have been done, it is going to reduce their stress they go through, this idea in Nigeria that somebody put hands in my bags and things like that it is not going to be there, a lot of things are coming up”.

On the celebration of the Customer Service Week, Mrs. Okoye said the week was meant to appreciate customers and their staff who was always in the line of the duty of attending to the customers and managing their problems.

“The aim is to appreciate everyone who have been at the forefront like our front desk officers, they are the ones that take the heat sometimes customers are angry and they come on their way and the heat goes to them”.

She also applauded the efforts of stakeholders who without their support FAAN would not be successful in their Operations.

“without them at the airport, it is not possible to process all the passengers”.

And for the passengers especially, she said, “if we don’t have them patronizing us the agency will not have a reason to be there and we are also saying thank you to the customers inspire of some of our differences we may not be there but we know we are matching forward and every day, it has glory onto glory and we are making impact in FAAN and customer service emphatically has been doing very well in the past couple of years”.

As part of the CSW, the Customer Service Department led by Mrs. Ebele Okoye made donations to the Little Saints Orphanage in Akowonjo and the New Old People’s Home in Yaba.

Donations include yam tubers, toiletries, Noddles, detergents, bathing soaps, sanitary towels, soft drinks, bags of rice, water, baby diaper among others.

Activities in celebration of the week Include Roadshows, donations to Orphanages/Old People’s homes, novelty match, lectures and dinner and awards.



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  1. There is always room for improvement. Set a standard such as any European International Airport standard for MMA Lagos.

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