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Regional General Manager (North Central)/Airport Manager,Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja – Kabiru Mohammed has described as cheap blackmail, what the oil marketers’ have done stating that they have been on this path for over eight(8) weeks.

This is just as he has said that FAAN’s refusal to give the oil marketers access was due to the expiry of the Apron passes and refusal to renew.

According to Mr. Mohammed already access has been granted the oil marketers for three hours to fuel aircraft on ground but after that time elapses they will be sent out because FAAN gave them a way out.

He states that they have to make the payment and that it was in a memo sent to them that by April 1, 2023 if the marketers do not pay they will not be allowed in.

Reacting to allegations of the long process of acquiring the Apron Pass Mohammed said,” Look, it’s not difficult. Once they pay and show evidence of payment they will be allowed in, the process is on FAAN, let us worry about the process while you do your business, we will be working that out.

He explained that other stakeholders directly or indirectly affected by this may not understand that it was cheap blackmail because they have been talking for weeks even before the memo was sent.

“It’s just blackmail to paint us black, they waited for the eve of the holidays before they decided to take this stand but the reality is if they said it was the process what happened to the leeway we extended so they can pay and we allow them in while sorting out the processes? Mohammed asked.


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