FAAN Resolves Dispute Over Aircraft Fire Simulator with NCAT

aircraft fire simulator dispute
The automatic aircraft firefighter simulator equipment

Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria’s Mrs. Olubunmi Kuku has intervened to resolve the Boeing 737-NG aircraft fire simulator dispute. The federal government acquired this simulator in 2019 and installed it at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT).

After a meeting in Lagos, FAAN’s top management, NCAT’s Rector/CEO Mr. Joseph Imalighwe, and NAFSA leaders reached an agreement. FAAN and NCAT will share revenue and liabilities on the simulator. Additionally, FAAN will leverage its network to attract foreign trainees to use the facility and raise revenue for both organizations.

The Multi-Purpose Aircraft Fire Simulator, situated at the NCAT Campus in Zaria, offers various practical firefighting and rescue scenarios. The previous administration acquired the simulator in 2019 for N5.2 billion to save Nigeria billions in foreign training costs.

Speaking on the development, Kuku stated, “We are happy to have finally come to this agreement between sister organizations in the interest of the safety of our passengers and improving the competence of our brave firefighters. This will improve our image globally and attract revenue that both organizations need. As I have always said, safety will always take priority in everything we do at FAAN, and this is a demonstration of that.”

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority had promised NAFSA a speedy certification of the fire simulator so the equipment can be put to full use.

This resolution of the aircraft fire simulator dispute demonstrates FAAN’s commitment to safety and improving the skills of aviation firefighters. By resolving the dispute and sharing resources, FAAN and NCAT aim to enhance training capabilities and stabilize finances.


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