Monday , 15 August 2022
Managing Director FAAN, Captain Yadudu

FAAN  plans simulations on facilitation, physical distancing at airports ahead of resumption

FEDERAL Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) intends to organise simulations on facilitation, physical distancing  to ensure that arrangements ahead of resumption of flight activities follow all the COVID-19 guidelines and the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) checklist and help it identify gaps and strategize to close those gaps.

Managing Director, FAAN, Captain Hamisu Yadudu made this known yesterday during a webinar organized by the League of Airports and Aviation correspondents LAAC with the theme: Nigeria’s Aviation Industry: Changing Times, Changing Strategies.

According to Captain Yadudu, so far, the checklists as made available to all stakeholders in preparation to resumption is carefully being followed and still work in progress, adding that even airline operators have sent feedback commending actions taken so far.

He said,” Our protocols are out that we share to the stakeholders, even now our doors are opened for communication for more input if there are any because any document you develop there is no absolute document, there is no absolute response.

“A certain component of what we do it has to be retroactive for experience or for new information coming out, so no document is absolute right now, so we have a very good one that AON and stakeholders sent us a feedback that they are happy with it and we only have about one, two corrections but as work goes on if there is any element of correction for adaption from any stakeholder all our doors are opened.”

On the airport compliance to its checklists, he said a standing Committee constituted by the office of the Directorate of Airspace Standards, have been going on inspection of the 5 approved airports billed for opening and what was reported back had been commendable.

“The airports have gone far in the social distancing marks, on the floors, separations; check in counters, toilets, still a lot of work still has to be done.”

“We are working with the airlines as regards separation of passengers and despite the fact that airlines would not and may not like it, all we are trying to ensure is that we don’t have a mass of passengers in the terminals.”



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