FEDERAL Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has enjoined travelers who wish to use personal cars to make use the ultra-modern car park at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos as part of increased efforts towards sanitizing the airport.

FAAN in a statement released from its headquarters in Lagos, also stated that it has provided buses to aid those who wish to make use of the temporary car park, where airport shuttles are currently domiciled at no charge.

The statement signed by the FAAN General Manager, Corporate Communication, Mrs Henrietta Yakubu, the Authority revealed it has finalized arrangements to increase the number of buses available for this operation as soon as possible.

FAAN stated that with the latest arrangement, there will be drastic reduction in traffic gridlock at MMIA, while crowd control will also improve tremendously as a result as the new arrangement will also foster better security and safety at the airport.

The statement solicited,” FAAN wishes to apologize to our esteemed passengers and airport users for any difficulties they might be encountering due to the latest arrangement.

While we plead for better understanding by airport users, we promise to continuously deliver watertight security, safety and seamless facilitation at the nation’s airports.”


  1. This is the worst arrangement and the most not well thought out idea in public service. What FAAN had achieved is forcing most users of the airport to utilize their car park; that is extortion. There has to be a compromise if they are so genuine in their claim that they are working for the public. If they truly are, the first 30 minutes in their MMIA ultra modern car park should be free. Otherwise, they are not, but stealing from the public.

    What they need to work on is to remodernise the semi- circular drive way of the arrival and departure (drop-off and pick-up) to about 4 to 6 lanes to accommodate all types of shuttle movement. They do not need two levels of driveway either as they now have in such a deplorable and inadequate state. They should employ escalators and lifts to move people between floors within the terminal after being dropped off at the ground level’s semi- circular driveway.


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