Friday , 1 July 2022

FAAN appeals to host communities to desist from bush burning

FEDERAL Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has advised communities and residents around airport facilities to desist from burning bushes in and around the aerodrome, with particular reference to indigents around the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, Owerri.

FAAN had earlier today had recourse to put out yet another bush fire as officers of the air rescue and firefighting services ended the bush fire.

According to General Manager Corporate Communication, FAAN, Mrs. Henrietta Yakubu, the bush fire incident did not affect airport operations as airlines took off and landed but the warning was meant as a notification so air man can be advised.

The airport Authority after notifying airline operators and other airport users that a bush fire incident was reported at the Owerri Aerodrome advised the community on the importance of keeping the aerodrome safe for operations and one way to do so is by avoiding intentional fires.

She said,”The authority will like to appeal to host communities around airports to please desist from burning bushes around the airports as this act is capable of jeopardizing safety of flight operations because of the prevailing weather condition in the country.”

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