Captain Rabiu Yadudu, new Managing Director, FAAN

DIRECTOR of Airports Operations, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Captain Rabiu Yadudu has said that the Ease of Doing Business has brought about a lot of efficiency in airport operations and synergy among security agencies.

This is just as he said the authority is now a subscriber to the Airport Service Quality Program(ASQ) an Airport Council International (ACI) program that uses data gathering to help the agency measure its passengers reactions to all levels of its operations to help them improve on service.

In a telephone interview with, the DAO said the Executive Order on the Ease of Doing Business has broadened the horizon for the airport authority in entrenching safety and seamless facilitation.

Captain Yadudu who spoke on the benefits of the executive order said,” Efficiency. If you want to manage how you spend your time at the airport, the order will help out. it would help the agency save money and it would enable us (FAAN) have prudent use of our resources. It will enable us know how to react to customers and stakeholders and give us a better understanding of how to serve them better.”

He further said that as part of efforts to provide passenger a satisfactory experience at the nation’s airports, FAAN has subscribed to an ACI Program on Airport Service Quality that would aid the agency improve on service.

ASQ is the only international survey measuring passengers’ satisfaction while they are at the airport. This type of benchmarking allows you compare your airports’ performance against industry best practice.

According to Yadudu who explained the ASQ further to, the program uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to let the airport in use of the program know when it is over-performing or under-performing and where improvements are required or where investments are needed or likely to yield larger.

He said,”FAAN has also subscribed to and has paid for an ACI Programme, the Airport Service Quality Program(ASP) which will help the agency measure our passengers reactions to all levels of our operations.”

“This program is all about gathering data from the incoming and outgoing passengers on all aspects of our operations to help us improve our services through analysis of this data. The ASP is all about efficiency and how we response to passengers stimuli.”

“Airports all around the world are part of this program and we decided to join in to aid us in measuring what we do, using it to improve where needed and compete favourably among the comity of nations. Every six months, an independent and impartial judge in ACI rate us based on the data we provide from the passengers who answer simple questionnaires posed at them.”

“This is a tested and trusted formula and it shows how committed FAAN is. Like all our programmes , the pilots will be in Lagos and Abuja and after some months we will broaden it with other Aerodromes. It is an effective program, we gather data and facts and use them to improve our performance.”


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