Ethiopian Airlines Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr Mesfin Tasew
  •  Rakes in US$80m from Maintenance hangar

ETHIOPIAN Airlines, has announced that it will continue its operation in Nigeria to/from Port Harcourt (PHC) instead of Enugu (ENU) as the airport is undergoing renovation and temporarily closed.

The airline also revealed through its Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr Mesfin Tasew, that it earns at least $80m annually from its Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities, which is situated in Addis Ababa.

On the commencement of operations from Port Harcourt International airport, on September 3, 2019, following the closure of Akanu Ibiam International Airport Enugu Tasew said Ethiopian Airlines was dedicated to serve the South East region, hence the plans to shift the Enugu flight to Port Harcourt airport.

Tasew said the airline would continue operating into Port Harcourt until Enugu airport was ready.

“We have planned to shift the Enugu flight to Port Harcourt and we will start operations on 3rd of September. We will continue operating to this airport until Enugu airport becomes ready. When Enugu is ready, we will go back to Enugu,” he said.

Ethiopian airlines in a statement said it will continue to offer the usual service from PHC instead of Enugu starting from September 3, 2019 until 23 November 2019

Flt Desg Eff Date Dis Date Freq Dept Arp Dept Time Arvl Arp Arrv Time Subfleet Block Time
ET  0939 3-Sep-19 3-Sep-19 .2….. ADD 9:30 NDJ 11:35 ET  738 4:05
ET  0939 3-Sep-19 3-Sep-19 .2….. NDJ 12:25 PHC 14:20 ET  738 1:55
ET  0939 3-Sep-19 3-Sep-19 .2….. PHC 15:10 ADD 21:10 ET  738 4:00

Flt Desg Eff Date Dis Date Freq Dept Arp Dept Time Arvl Arp Arrv Time Subfleet Block Time
ET  0931 5-Sep-19 23-Nov-19 .2.4.6. ADD 8:50 PHC 11:30 ET  738 4:40
ET  0930 5-Sep-19 23-Nov-19 .2.4.6. PHC 12:50 ADD 20:05 ET  738 5:15

Nigeria is the only African country where Ethiopian has opened four destinations. This demonstrates strengthened bilateral relation between Ethiopian and Nigeria. We will make every effort to provide excellent service in Nigeria as well as across the continent to help our customers access our global network.

Meanwhile on its MRO earnings, Tasew said the airline wanted to maximise the facility by developing internal capacity on engines, components and revenue, stressing that its revenue was expected to grow faster.

He further stated that the airline was supporting Nigerian carriers like Med- View and Arik Air with their maintenance.

According to him, an Arik’s Q400 aircraft was currently in Addis-Ababa for C-check, adding that prior to that he said Ethiopian Airline repaired and maintained several aircraft for former Air Nigeria, Chanchangi and Bellview aircraft.

He said: “First of all, I will like to say that Ethiopian Airlines today has the largest MRO facility in Africa. We repair all Boeing models of aircraft except 747. We also repair the Airbus A350 aircraft, which is the newest Airbus aircraft and the Bombardier Q400 aircraft in Addis Ababa.

“We have six hangars and a very big engine shop. We have several component repair shops. We have been doing this for several decades now. Primary, it was developed to support operations of Ethiopian Airlines but we are also supporting other African Airlines from different parts of Africa. Today we support several airlines including Asky in Togo and Arik Air in Nigeria.

“We have been looking for a dependable partner to join and establish an MRO facility in Nigeria. We had some discussions earlier with some companies including Aero Contractors but unfortunately, so far we have not agreed with any one. However, we are still looking for a partner.”

Ethiopian Airlines is reputed to own the largest MRO facility in Africa with six maintenance hangars. The airline maintains all Boeing models of aircraft except B747.

The MRO also repairs Airbus 350 state-of-the-art aircraft, among other Airbus airplanes.


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