Encomiums galore as Mc Abraham bows out of FAAN


Amid heartfelt farewells, GM Mc Abraham Inajo bids adieu after a decade at FAAN.

The boardroom overflows, a tribute to Abraham’s impactful ten years at FAAN, described by Mr. Kabir Mohammed as emotionally charged.

Senior management staff shower accolades, citing Abraham as a teacher, coach, and inspiration. This captures the sentiment of Inajo retirement after a  meritorious service at FAAN.

Mrs. Mba Ifeoma, Acting GM of Safety, expresses gratitude, “Worthy of note is his invaluable role in ensuring safety standards. It’s indeed an emotional moment for us as we bid farewell to our much-respected boss,”

The Ikeja GRA reception witnesses former Nahco MD, Idris Yakubu, acknowledging Abraham as “one of Nigeria’s best trainers in different fields”. He calls for the government to leverage his wealth of experience in human capacity development.

Mc Abraham responds humbly, “I will continue to contribute to Nigeria’s development in human capacity building whenever called upon.”

His parting words resonate: “Build upon and apply the knowledge acquired under my tutelage for the aviation sector’s growth.”



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