L-R: Executive Director, Corporate Planning CMC Connect Limited, Raheem Olabode; National President Airline Pilots & Engineers (NAAPE), Engr. Galadima Abednego; MD/CEO, Copterjet International, Capt. Toluwa Olorunyomi and Executive Director, Resource Strategies & Administration, Copterjet International, Olusola Olorunyomi, during the Copterjet International Brand launch which held in Lagos, earlier today

COPTERJET International has said that given the right incentives and necessary support the Nigerian aviation industry would drive economic prosperity and sustainability and has called on key players to turn the industry into global powerhouse through strategic  collaboration.

Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of Copterjet International, Captain Victor Toluwa Olorunyomi made this known today at its aviation stakeholder’s event addressing challenges and opportunities thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic while also launching the Copterjet brand.

Copterjet is an aviation logistics  provider specializing on ground handling services, cargo management,baggage handling,aircraft towing as well as ground support equipment fueling  among others.

Captain Olorunyomi who gave the keynote address at the event monitored virtually said that Copterjet was about creating strong,dynamic partnerships, exchange of ideas from people of diverse backgrounds stressing that collaboration was key as no one can do it alone.

According to him, the Copterjet platform provides the opportunity to begin a new narrative and usher in new opportunities as  the idea is to work with everyone, collaborate with stakeholders to meet strategic goals.

He stated that governments like the United Arab Emirates understand the massive contribution of aviation and tourism to its economy beyond oil revenue and that is why airlines like Emirates get the kind of backing and investments they do apart from their business strategy.READ MORE: Aviation bigwigs to brainstorm on industry challenges, opportunities at CopterJet Forum

He said, “I call on captains of industry to rise to the occasion and make Nigeria the hub of aviation in Africa, we have the number, we have the strength and so it is high time we leveraged on our strengths. We must remain competitive as possible in the industry given the necessary support.

As you know airline has a profit margin of between 5% and 25% if you are doing well and most airlines around the world have single interest digits this is because aviation is capital intensive so if you must thrive you must have  the right financial structure.

He went on,” airlines need the right financial institutions, airlines need the right environment,the right operational framework and business model  so they can thrive and remain sustainable.

One of the highlights of the event was the official launch of Copterjet brand and its services.


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