Wednesday , 6 July 2022

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FAAN and VIP recklessness despite existential threat

EVENTS of the last few weeks have in no small way diminished whatever illusion any right thinking Nigerian has that a vast majority of its public office holders, including the politicians, are prone to abuse of power once they get into office, including flout laws meant to safeguard the general citizenry. The happenings at the nation’s airports, after reopening of …

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Welcome back Senator Sirika, now roll those sleeves and get to it!!!

AVIATION social media sites and portals including Twitter and WhatsApp groups have been set agog with the reappointment of Senator Hadi Sirika as substantive Minister of Aviation, one of the best kept open secrets, the minute he made President Muhammad Buhari’s ministerial list. Congratulations from both genuine and political emissaries, we are sure, have inundated the minister’s timeline as the …

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Sokoto runway incursion: The need to caution political leaders

LAST Friday, a crowd of supporters of former governor of Sokoto State, Aliyu Wammako invaded the Sultan Abubakar Sadiq 111 Airport, Sokoto, flagrantly breaking all airport security rules with no one to hold them back. The situation, a political statement of sorts, was intended to deliver a message to political opponents. It did indeed deliver a message, albeit the wrong …

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We renege on our story

Our publication earlier this evening titled: ‘Rainfall exposes shoddy N5bn rehabilitation of Abuja Airport runway’ has been discovered to be a video posted three years ago and an event that happened in one of the South Eastern states of Nigeria and not Abuja. Nigerianflightdeck would like to tender an unreserved apology for misleading the public on this event but would …

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Abuja Airport Closure: Why government needs to rescind the decision

THE recent debate that has mired the closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NAIA) Runway in controversy with professionals and experts taking either side of the divide on where air traffic be diverted to has left the layman wondering. The recent conclusion of the stakeholders forum in Abuja saw government force its decision down the throat of everyone with …

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On NCAA’s complicity on the unions’ strike at Arik Air

ON December 20, 2016 three of the major unions in the aviation industry embarked on a strike against Arik Air for issues involving and not limited to  non-payment of 7 months salaries, non-remittance of taxes and pension and stagnation of workforce since the airline began operations 10 years ago, this sad strike crippled the airline’s activities for a day, costing …

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Aero Contractors: Did the NCAA carry out any economic audit?

IT was very interesting last Friday to see the Director General of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), stand with the Minister of State, Senator Hadi Sirika to beg workers of embattled Aero Contractors to postpone their protest till Monday to see what can be done to ameliorate the situation. However,   as watchers we cannot help but ask the questions …

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Comptroller General Customs must call officers at MMIA to order!!

The attack last week by an officer with the Nigeria Customs Service (NSC), attached to the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) identified as H. Daboh, on a staff of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Mr. Taiwo Adeyanju Palace Gate of the Cargo Terminal and the reaction of the security agency leaves little to be desired and a lot to …

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