Thursday , 29 October 2020
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Travel Tips

Africlaim launches free COVID-19 Flight Disruption Help Initiative

AS part of its plans to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 on air travelers, Africlaim an indigenous brand is launching COVID-19 Flight Disruption Help Initiative an offer set to last throughout the pandemic. The COVID-19 Flight Disruption Help Initiative, according to Africlaim’s Chief executive Officer Chibuzo Ofulue, is a free service that seeks to help air passengers by providing …

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FAAN debunks fake guidelines for resumption of flights

THE Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has debunked a statement released by a certain Tayo Olu yesterday, May 16, 2020 to the effect that the Federal Government of Nigeria, through FAAN has released a post- Covid 19 travel guideline for air travellers. The authority denounced the statement asking air travellers and the general public to disregard the content of the …

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Although inevitable globally, NCAA working to mitigate effects of delays, cancellations-CPD Director

DUE to varying circumstances, flight delays and cancellations are a global trend not particular to Nigeria alone, but what matters is how these challenges are addressed, according to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority( NCAA). Director, Consumer Protection Directorate (CPD), NCAA, Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi flight delays and cancellations are unavoidable in the global aviation industry but the regulatory agency would ensure …

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Nigeria Visa Policy 2020 set to boost economy, improve security checks

NIGERIA’S new Visa on Arrival Policy 2020 launched on Tuesday by President Muhammad Buhari is a policy conceived carefully over months, with the valid input of stakeholders and is set to address major security and economic issues. The President had first made the announcement of the Visa on Arrival policy last December at the Aswan Forum, in Egypt, and the …

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Tips on how to identify human trafficking victims and perpetrators

ANTHONY OMOH IT has been discovered that air travel has become a fast rising mode of transportation for people who engage in the nefarious activity of human and organ trafficking and so it is important to highlight some tips to look out for when certain people are travelling. The trend has grown unchecked so much that the fight against this …

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Elumelu’s Business Tips : Luck plays a vital role in business success

IN business the role luck plays in success and personal achievement is rarely discussed. If luck is mentioned, it is done with slight condescension, and usually dismissed as a product of hard work, not deserving significant attention. While hard work is paramount – and I have written extensively about the importance of working hard – history and my own experiences …

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Nigerian passport acquisition: A to Z processes and procedures

THE cost and acquisition of a passport document has long been in debate which is not supposed to be the case, causing many Nigerians fall victims to unscrupulous characters who seek to extort them. The document  currently sells at N22, 000 for a 64-page document while a 32-page document costs N17,000 (between ages of 18-59), N10,750 (between ages of 0-17, …

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Handling difficult flight situations, a crew executive perspective

WHILE flying, we all have to deal with different kinds of people and different situations therein. Sometimes there are passengers that are afraid of flying, others are passengers that may get sick mid flight and a whole host of situations. These uncomfortable situations make these passengers sometimes difficult to manage as they become cranky, some irritable while others become downright …

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Tips on identifying, combating insider threats in aviation

MOST people pass through airports every now and then and they do not know the level of threats that can take place within the airport’s environment both external and internal. The external threats can be checkmated to a level because of the processes and procedures put in place to wade off intruders from the airports, however,what makes the airport environment …

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How to handle dangerous items when traveling by air

WHAT is considered a safe item to travel with when a passenger wants to travel by air? What objects can you travel with on board the aircraft or which do you have to check-in? Or have as carry-ons? These questions are not difficult to guess an answer to but it is still important to highlight some of these objects you …

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