What you need to know about Emergency Exit seats on aircraft

WHY are airlines particular about who sits on their Exit seats? The difference between your survival in an aircraft incident and your doom may be in the hands of a fellow passenger and if that person does not have the character and/or cannot shoulder the responsibility, then it is important …

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What passengers need to know about airlines’ obligations to them

LAST week dealt with Passengers’ Obligation and things to know about air travel and this generated some reactions especially from passengers that feel that they have been wronged one way or another by airlines, particularly here in Nigeria and this led to the decision to balance the scales by …

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Passengers obligations and things to know about air travel

DO you know that passengers have obligations to airlines and service providers, which in simple terms mean that there are rules to be passengers as it doesn’t end at just paying the fare. One of such obligations to airline is the right for passengers to treat staff of these airlines …

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Travel tips on safeguarding baggage and baggage management at airports

TRAVELLING for the first time? I am sure that when doing so one cannot help but try to be nice and courteous, which is in the nature of any well-bred Nigerian. However, one must be cautious in being courteous. Knowing full well that there are predators, opportunists and a whole …

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Organizing Your Travel Plan 101

TRAVELLING is all about fun and fresh experiences. What isn’t fun is getting lost on a trip without a clue of the local language or how to get yourself understood. Imagine being stranded at a train station in Japan with over a hundred persons walking past you, and you can’t …

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