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Blast from the Past

Late Hadiza Lantana Oboh: Ex-Nigerian Airways pilot murdered in cold blood

THIS is a tale of greed, a tale of tragedy, a tale of murder; this  story we brought you today on Blast from the Past is the story of late Nigerian Airways female Senior First Officer (S/FO), Hadiza Lantana Oboh slayed by her domestic staff on the 8th of February, 1998 …

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Sosoliso: a fatal painful crash with a combination of bad decisions

TO say the Sosoliso Airline crash is Nigeria’s saddest crash is not an understatement given the fact that it took with it no fewer than 50 children and some notable personalities plus all the melee that happened post crash when it was time to pay compensation to the victims’ family. …

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Chanchangi Airlines: Grounded but still dreaming of the skies

ESTEEMED readers, I hope you have not forgotten Chanchangi Airlines so soon, an airline that controlled over 40 per cent of the domestic market even with Arik Air there until the once great airline grounded to a halt. Chanchangi was so known back then that it had charter operations contracts …

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Bellview Airlines: A tale of life, peak and plunge

WHEN the name Bellview Airlines is mentioned, people will remember it as one of the airlines that came up when the country needed more airlines to handle the teeming passengers in the country. Owned by Kayode Odukoya, Bellview was at a point also the toast of the Nigerian Skies and …

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ADC Airlines: Extinct due to a series of unfortunate events

MANY people would remember ADC Airlines but once the airline is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the series of unfortunate incidents and accidents that trailed its wake and became an integral reason for the airline’s exit from the Nigerian airspace. Apart from older aviation stakeholders and …

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What connects EAS, Nicon, Virgin Nigeria, NigerianEagle and Air Nigeria?

Executive Airline Services (EAS) Airline, Nicon Airways, Virgin Nigeria Airways, Nigerian Eagle Airlines and Air Nigeria are all different business entities but there is a common factor all these dead airlines share and that is the fact that eventually all of them were ended in whatever metamorphosed entity by Barrister …

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Blast from the Past: Okada Air, once a giant in the Nigerian skies

Nigerianflightdeck.com went digging into the archives and guess what we dug up? Okada Air was an airline based in Benin City, Nigeria. The carrier was established in 1983 with a fleet of BAC-One Eleven 300s and started charter operations in September the same year.

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