Acting Chief Operating Officer BASL, Mrs. Tosan Duncan Odukoya

As strategies go, Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited operators of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Two( MMA2) Terminal in Lagos has said providing training, the right tools as well as embracing technology is the way to go for airport management and seamless facilitation.

Acting Chief Operating Officer BASL, Mrs. Tosan Duncan Odukoya who made this known during the 27th League of Airport and Aviation Correspondents (LAAC) Conference with the theme: “Aviation Industry: Changing Times, Changing Strategies said if as a terminal operator it doesn’t strive to constantly improve facilitation, then the journey has not begun

Odukoya who was a panelist at the major sessions said the first Public Private Partnership (  PPP) run terminal knows the importance of on-time policy as well as continuous infrastructure upgrades to support its operations hence still investing in these tried and tested techniques.

She said,”It sounds like a surprise if I say it is the old and tried and tested techniques that become the new strategies for the future. If we do not train the people that we have and give them the tools that they need, then we cannot move forward into the new global platform of embracing technology. So it’s training, it’s tools and technology.That brings the trust that our passengers can have when it comes to the experience that they are looking for.

“The passenger is already anxious to track this. All he needs is for you to check him in with the technology and scan him out and get him on the aircraft safely and all the way to the other side. So at the end of the day, if we do not embrace the new strategy of technology and use the data that we have to give the passenger a better experience, then you know we really haven’t begun the journey.

According to Odukoya, BASL is going for smart solutions that will enable it to blend its good governance and boost efficiency as the company further expands its infrastructure.

Odukoya said,”We’re going for enterprise resource solutions so that we can integrate our good governance and allow efficiency to happen. We’re going for the infrastructure, expanding the runway, making sure that we’re actually ready for the capacity that’s coming. Because unfortunately, although we’ve got a good railway system in Nigeria and our road network, yes, it needs a little bit of re-engineering.

“The skies are actually the safest place to be. And so we as an airport and as a terminal are determined that with the changing strategy with the changing times, we must be a global player.

She equally stressed that leadership is key for BASL, as the right leadership provides the path followed which includes planning ahead, and constant preventive maintenance to ensure it is ready for whatever comes next.

She said,”Let’s begin with leadership. So again, not that I’m holding a brief for our chairman, Dr. Babalakin, but at the end of the day, when you have got a futuristic vision and you have got that determination to get not just to the end of that road but beyond, that is what has kept us going. Sheer determination to keep good governance and leadership on top.

“And then we go for the issue of infrastructure. And the fact that I tell you, every day that we work, we are actually looking for continuous improvement and that is our mantra. So it’s not easy, like you said, working in the public and the private, but that’s why it’s called a PPP, Public and Private Partnership. So at the end of the day, we are very much open for that collaboration to go on.

“And with MMA2 especially and the on-time policies that we are looking for and the enterprise resource solutions that we’re looking for, planned, preventive maintenance, that’s going to be our new mantra. We are also getting ready for Christmas. It’s July, but we’re ready for Christmas already because we know that if we don’t work into the future and work ahead of the game, then we are not going to be ready at all. So these are some of the strategies that we are looking for. ”



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