BAGAIA Celebrates 15 Years of Aviation Safety with Awards, Accolades

BAGAIA celebrates 15 years
Commissioner Banjul Accord Group Accident Investigation Agency, Engineer Charles Irikefe Erhueh Awarding a Plaque of Recognition to Nigeria Safety Investigation Bureau Director General, Capt Alex Badeh Jnr. on behalf of his predecessor Engr. Akin Olateru flanked by Mr. Julius D. Dennis Jr., the Director General of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority at BAGAIA's 15th Anniversary celebration

BAGAIA celebrates 15 years and aims to become the world’s leading Regional Accident Investigation Organisation. Commissioner, Engr. Charles Irikefe Erhueh, while speaking at the Anniversary celebration, highlighted the agency’s remarkable achievements and received commendations from various aviation industry leaders.

The event hosted by the Liberia Government held 12th June 2024 at The Farmington Hotel, Monrovia. It took place on the eve of the 10th BAGAIA Commission meeting.

In recognition of their invaluable contributions over the past 15 years, BAGAIA honored several key figures with awards. Engr. Akin Olateru, the former Director General of the Nigeria Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB), received an award for his outstanding service. Mr. Caj Frostell, pioneer Commissioner of BAGAIA from 2012 to 2018, received recognition for his pioneering efforts. Additionally, Mr. Prosper Zo’o Minto’o, the Regional Director of ICAO-WACAF, earned honor for supporting BAGAIA’s initiatives and goals. Mrs. Catherine Nying, former Deputy Director General of the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority, was acknowledged for her significant contributions and dedication. Furthermore, Mr. Fansu Bojang, Head of the Banjul Accord Group Secretariat and Director General of the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority, received accolades for his exceptional leadership. The Minister of Tourism and Transport of Cabo Verde, Dr. Carlos Duartes Santos, received a country award of recognition.

Specifically, Sulaiman Jammeh, Corporate Manager International Relations, praised BAGAIA for honoring the BAG Secretariat Head and former Deputy DG Gambia CAA. He stated, “The Secretariat remains committed to supporting BAGAIA’s mission to enhance aviation safety.” His words underscored the ongoing support from the Secretariat to ensure the agency’s continued success. BAGAIA celebrates 15 years.

Similarly, Capt. Alex Badeh (Jnr), the current Director General of NSIB, accepted the award on behalf of his predecessor, Engr. Akin Olateru. He further emphasized the recognition’s significance stating, “This award means a lot to my predecessor, who has contributed significantly to aircraft accident investigation.” Capt. Badeh also pledged continued collaboration and support for BAGAIA’s initiatives, ensuring the NSIB remains a strong partner.

Also, Mr. Rene Tavarez, who accepted the award on behalf of the Regional Director of ICAO-WACAF, expressed gratitude for BAGAIA’s acknowledgment.

He said, “This award shows that BAGAIA appreciates all the support we provide.” Furthermore, he assured ongoing cooperation to promote aviation safety in the region, reinforcing the strong relationship between ICAO-WACAF and BAGAIA.

Amb. Belarmino Monteiro Silva, representing the Minister of Tourism and Transport of Cabo Verde, received the award on behalf of Dr. Carlos Duartes Santos. Additionally, he reaffirmed their commitment to providing the necessary support for BAGAIA’s continued success.

He states, “We will continue to give all the necessary support to ensure BAGAIA’s success.”

BAGAIA’s 15th Anniversary celebration highlighted past achievements and reinforced future goals of becoming the most efficient regional investigation organization globally.



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