The BAGAIA Commissioner, Engr. Charles Irikefe Erhueh and his team hosted the Deputy Director of Monitoring and Oversight Air Navigation Bureau of ICAO, Capt. Denis Guindon during the latter's working visit to the BAGAIA Headquarters in Cabo Verde from 22nd to 23rd January 2024.

Commissioner Charles Irikefe Ehrueh emphasizes BAGAIA’s dedication to investigating aircraft incidents during ICAO’s Deputy Director’s visit to Cabo Verde.

Engr. Erhueh underscores BAGAIA’s focus on enhancing aviation safety through assessing contributions and identifying opportunities collectively.

He stresses the importance of providing safety recommendations to elevate global aviation safety standards.

During the two-day visit, discussions cover key topics such as RAIO expansion, GASOS assessment on BAGAIA by ICAO, and the RAIO Assessment Programme.

Engr. Erhueh highlights success stories of ICAO USOAP assistance missions, emphasizing the critical aspect of sustaining RAIO operations through collaborative financial contributions.

He lists achievements and stresses the ongoing importance of financial support from member states.

Capt. Denis Guindon commends BAGAIA’s achievements and emphasizes the need for expansion and showcasing activities in conferences for recognition.

On expansion, this should be put forward in high-level conferences while  commensurate on the sizes of countries as this will decrease the cost of some states as the more states in  BAGAIA the more resources that can be pulled together to drive the Regional capacity.

On GASOS, he said such issues were raised in Nairobi and solutions of putting all the sectors together so as to have a possible change as such such assessment goes with fees.

Engr. Mario Margarito Gomes suggests changes in GASOS analysis, assessment, training, and capacity building in the States for increased safety.

Mr. Akwasi Agyeibi Prempeh seeks ICAO’s assistance in enhancing BAGAIA’s recognition, and Mr. Guindon suggests showcasing achievements in conferences.

In closing, all government institutions in Cabo Verde appreciate BAGAIA’s Commissioner for the visit and session with the ICAO Deputy Director.



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